Best Of 2018

Best Small-Batch Bourbon: Northside Distilling Co.

In early November, Northside Distilling Co. released a limited 500-bottle run of its debut white label bourbon whiskey. Already well known for its award-winning corn-based vodka, this first batch of bourbon was aged for about two years in the company’s Northside rickhouse (a 100-year-old former horse barn) in small, charred-oak barrels to produce a faster maturation of the spirit. This high-rye blend has a soft, rounded taste with a spicy, nutty finish, says master distiller Chris Courts, and is reportedly one of the first whiskeys distilled and barreled in downtown Cincinnati since Prohibition. Visit the distillery’s tasting room for drinks and tours and stay tuned for a single barrel black label bourbon release. Northside Distilling Co., 922 Race St., Downtown,