Best Of 2018

Best Under-the-Radar Local T-Shirts: Doug Korfhagen

Hard-to-find streetwear is often about rarity as a status symbol — showing you’re hip enough (or willing to pay enough money) for that limited-edition product. But Cincinnati artist Doug Korfhagen’s limited-run, hyper-local shirts are all about love. Korfhagen has immortalized neighborhood landmarks like Clifton Heights’ Thai Express, Northside’s now-closed Autobahn Motorwerks BMW motorcycle shop and others via his beautifully rendered illustrations screenprinted on high-quality tees. And Korfhagen doesn’t just do buildings — we’ve seen a couple shirts floating around featuring Fiona the Hippo drawn in his distinctive style. If you time it right, you can grab a shirt featuring beloved vintage bookstore Duttenhoffer’s from the Clifton Heights store itself. Where can you get the others? You’re on your own there.