Best Of 2018

Best Way to Bring Home a Piece of the 21c Museum Hotel: Body Part Tiles

It’s the best way to adorn the inside of your shower with what it’s always been missing — a random tile with a nose protruding from it, of course. Since 2012, Cincinnati’s 21c Museum Hotel has dazzled guests with eclectic contemporary art — both in and outside of the 156 hotel rooms. 21c’s online shop offers a menagerie of eclectic home goods, but one stands out from the rest: the infamous Body Part Tiles. Featuring the artisan craftsmanship of Rookwood Pottery, you can now remodel your home to high-art standards with 21c’s very own custom tiles. Available in 3-D nose, lip and eye shapes, each ceramic tile measures 4-inches-by-4-inches, so plan your Home Depot trip accordingly. 21c Museum Hotel, 609 Walnut St., Downtown,