Best Of 2019

Best Argument for the Skatepark as Art: SkateAble vs Non

SkateAble vs. Non

Ten years since SkateAble vs Non debuted at the now-defunct Feralmade Gallery in Northside, the multimedia skateboard installation returned for a long overdue sequel at People’s Liberty’s Camp Washington Globefront. Arranged by the four members of Cincinnati’s SkateAble collective — a team of scientists, creatives and community organizers who just happen to appreciate skating as an art form — the indoor park doubled as an art installation.  Funky cartoons — alligators, cool cats, doggos, scrunched up faces, dinosaurs, jagged skulls — splayed out on quarter-pipes, ramps and spines. The “non” part of the project came in the form of the most chill backyard of 2018, complete with a bat-shaped basketball backboard, wavy pastel pink benches, a skeeball ramp shaped like Fiona the hippo and a literally rocking yellow wooden cow. According to the project statement, SkateAble vs Non provided a skating space “for the community to learn, interact, and experience at all levels.” After the opening, the public was invited to open skate events throughout the run of the event, whether they were a seasoned skate veteran or preferred to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. SkateAble vs. Non,