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Best Fiona the Hippo Mural Not Painted by ArtWorks: Joshua Stout

Best Fiona the Hippo Mural Not Painted by ArtWorks

Clad in a bubblegum-pink tutu and flower crown, Fiona leaps across the side of Algin Retro Furniture’s building, backdropped in a vibrant blue. It’s a whimsical and downright adorable mural — much like artist, illustrator and Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber event manager Joshua Stout’s other work. “(I like) anything bright,” he says. “I think lots of people go toward gray and muted tones when they’re designing buildings ... so anytime I can add a pop of color, I’m all for it.” The piece is likely inspired by the Cincinnati Ballet’s 2018 production of The Nutcracker, in which the Cincinnati Zoo resident and worldwide celeb’s likeness snagged a spot via a costumed character. Honestly: We love a graceful, body-posi hippo that can dance. Stout’s no stranger to work that dabbles in pop culture — or Fiona. Scroll through his instagram @joshuastoutart and you’ll also see the hippo illustrated as Samantha from ‘80s teen rom-com Sixteen Candles. In case you don’t keep up to date on our city’s growing Fiona mythos, in the artwork she sits across from the San Antonio Zoo’s Timothy — also a young hippo and apparently a suitor of Fiona. Seriously. Fiona Mural, Eighth and Main streets, Downtown.