Best Of 2019

Best “Living” Mural: The London Police

For Covington residents, the mural located on the corner of Fourth and Scott streets is now an iconic cityscape feature. But it began in 2010 with single gray-hued dog painted by collaborative street art group The London Police. They returned in 2016 to expand the mural across the entire side of the building and add a series of their bobble-headed lad illustrations. Phase two of the project served as a tribute to Mike Amann — founder of Covington design agency BLDG who died in 2013 at the age of 33 from colon cancer — whose portrait gives a thumbs up as he rests inside his dog Juno’s chest, which doubles as a space shuttle. “Pennies from Heaven” were also added, aka the funky smiling lads leaving Juno’s belly via conveyor belt. A pastel rosy sun peeks up from the corner, rising eternally above the streets of Covington. And last fall, thanks to Urban Blooms, the mural entered its third living stage: the bottom of the wall is now bordered by real plants. Lily Turner, Urban Blooms’ director of operations, said they got involved when The London Police decided they wanted to incorporate plants in the mural landscape for the creatures to seemingly land on. The installation is fabricated by what Turner calls a custom system that agrees with the curves of the mural. Fourth and Scott streets, Covington,