Best Of 2019

Best Movie Star Ambassador for Cincinnati: Bruce Willis

Since 2015, Bruce Willis (of all people) has filmed three straight-to-DVD/VOD movies in Cincinnati. In 2016, Lionsgate Premiere released Marauders, his first Cincinnati-filmed movie. Willis starred alongside Entourage’s Adrian Grenier in the bank heist film. In 2017, Willis returned to the Queen City to shoot another bank heist-type film, Reprisal. (The same production company as Marauders produced it.) The film took place in Cincinnati and featured aerial shots of the city. Last August, Reprisal briefly played at the Esquire Theatre before fading from view. However, in September 2018, Willis returned for the third time, this time to headline 10 Minutes Gone, about a man who loses his memory after a bank heist (how original!) goes wrong. Sure, these movies haven’t grossed much money, and Willis has found greater success with movies like Glass, but he’s one of the biggest stars in the world and he and the movies represent the best Cincy has to offer — even if it means “blowing up” the Roebling Bridge.