Best Of 2019

Best Reason For Indie Film Lovers to Come Back Downtown: Cincinnati World Cinema

It’s been a long time since downtown Cincinnati has had a movie theater of any kind, let alone an art house one screening interesting independent films. But that all changed in 2018 when Cincinnati World Cinema began screening movies again in the space vacated by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. It’s a full-circle return for indie flicks in the Race Street spot — in the ’80s at the same location, the Moviola Repertory Cinema (later just The Movies) was the only place to see new and classic artful or cult-classic films that the big multiplexes wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, like The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, Sid and Nancy and the Ramones-starring Rock ’n’ Roll High School. Now called the Garfield Theatre, Cincinnati World Cinema has featured a similarly eclectic and esoteric mix of movies, screening everything from the critically acclaimed Oscar-nominated Japanese flick Shoplifters to the music documentary Bad Reputation, about Rock legend Joan Jett. The Garfield Theatre, 719 Race St., Downtown,