Best Of 2019

Best Solo Exhibition at a Gallery: "Overview" at Manifest

To say that “Overview,” the piece by Canada’s Marina Fridman that won Manifest gallery’s desired Manifest Prize, was “expansive” is not to use that descriptor casually. Exhibited from mid-December 2018 to mid-January 2019, the work occupied 64-by-168 inches of space, needing an entire gallery to make its impact. But beyond the physical dimensions, it expansively evoked space. With black charcoal on white paper, it sought to replicate the awe felt by astronauts viewing earth from the cosmos. It did that, but first the viewer felt admiration at the effort that went into its creation. The application of black charcoal was so smooth that you thought small sections of white coloring were put on black paper instead. Once your marvel at that accomplishment hit, you could begin to take in the beauty of the cosmic illusion Fridman created. This piece deserves a home in a museum. Manifest, 2727 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills,