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Best Tactile Fairy Tale Fantasy: "Far Flung" at the Taft Museum of Art

Best Tactile Fairy Tale Fantasy

The front lawn of the Taft Museum of Art has been transformed into a whimsical willow-tree wonderland via the work of international sculptor Patrick Dougherty. Far Flung is a large-scale “unique fantasy experience” Dougherty (and volunteers) created by manipulating and twisting more than six tons of willow tree saplings into whirling shapes that call to mind hobbit homes, a fairy garden or a Dr. Seuss-style dream manifestation. The best part? Visitors can touch and walk through it. The construction spans the length of the 1820s Palladian-style historic home, providing the opportunity for museum visitors or passersby to duck inside the natural paradoxical space for a quick retreat from the buzzing contemporary world or to peer at the Cincinnati skyline through portals, windows and archways made of bent branches. It provides a new point of view for the area around Lytle Park and a dose of Land Art modernism outside the museum. Far Flung opened in April 2018 and will be on display for 18 months to two years; it is open, for free, during regular museum hours. Taft Museum of Art, 316 Pike St., Downtown,