Best Of 2019

Best TV Podcast Empire: Bald Move Podcasting Empire

Run by Cincinnatians Jim Jones and A. Ron Hubbard, the Bald Move podcasting empire has amassed a large cult following with entertaining weekly podcasts. Generally focused on popular television shows (as well as the occasional movie), the pair examines episodes week to week with a charming, fan-centric brand of nerd humor and insight. Bald Move began in 2010 with a focus on comics and gaming culture, but found its groove the following year when the hosts began dissecting TV favorites like Mad Men and The Walking Dead, soon catching fire with a wildly popular Breaking Bad pod. Since then, Jones and Hubbard have released thousands of podcasts that have earned tons of glowing reviews and high entries on Apple Podcasts’ charts, including an especially popular Game of Thrones show and programs that episodically examine Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Westworld, True Detective and more. Developing a tight bond with their listeners (who in turn help fund the shows), Bald Move has become popular enough for its moguls to list “podcaster” as their full-time jobs. And they still find time to give back — in February, the duo did a 24-hour Star Wars viewing marathon that raised over $15,000 for the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Bald Move,