Best Of 2019

Best Efforts Supporting Affordable Housing: Over-the-Rhine Community Housing

Greater Cincinnati has a reputation as an affordable city, at least compared to the soaring, four-figure average rents in places like New York City and San Francisco. But that’s deceptive. Hamilton County has a 40,000-unit gap in affordable housing, according to a study by the Greater Cincinnati Local Initiatives Support Corporation — a huge deficit that Over-the-Rhine Community Housing is working full-time to address. OTRCH has served its namesake neighborhood for more than four decades by working to ensure affordable housing for low-income residents and has grown to provide more than 470 units of such housing in Cincinnati. And the past year has been a big one: OTRCH has won grants and launched projects with a range of partners to bring new affordable units online. That hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Executive Director Mary Burke Rivers, who has led OTRCH for 25 years, was named one of 2018’s Women of the Year by the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and The Cincinnati Enquirer. Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, 114 W. 14th St., Over-the-Rhine,