Best Of 2019

Best New Option for Getting Around, Love ’Em or Hate ’Em: Bird and Lime scooters

They appeared out of the blue one day last spring, setting up roosts around Cincinnati’s downtown basin. And as the flocks grew, people developed some opinions. Oh, do we have opinions about all those rentable, smartphone app-driven Bird and Lime scooters. Some folks grew to love them faster than you can zip from OTR to The Banks on two wheels. Some folks loathe them with the intensity of a million tiny electric motors all propelling riders right toward your shin bones. There have been a couple reports of injuries due to the scooters and more than a few impassioned defenses of the dockless devices as efficient means of urban transportation. Other cities, including San Francisco and Indianapolis, banned the scooters. But Cincinnati officials have embraced them, at least to a degree, setting down some basic laws in an attempt to keep them off the sidewalks but otherwise letting them glide along. Bird,; Lime,