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Best News for Those Who Need Medical Marijuana: Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program

At long last, after months of delays, Ohio’s medical marijuana program kicked off in the waning days of 2018. The system was supposed to be operational by last September, but the process saw a number of road bumps, including legal challenges from some businesses that applied to grow or dispense medical marijuana. Now, authorized physicians can use the state’s registry, which opened Dec. 3, to recommend medical marijuana licenses to patients suffering from conditions like cancer, AIDS, post-traumatic stress disorder and a number of others. The state then confirms the patient’s identity, after which the patient or their caregiver can sign up for a license that allows holders to purchase marijuana from certified dispensaries. The program has been popular so far — dispensaries sold roughly $1.2 million worth of marijuana product through late February of this year. That’s about 160 pounds of medical marijuana in various forms. As of March, more than 19,000 patients and 973 caregivers had received licenses, and 16 large and small cultivators and nine dispensaries had gained certificates of operation from the state. Ohio medical marijuana,