Best Of 2019

Best Best of Both Worlds Lunch Buffet: Elephant Walk Injera & Curry House

Clifton’s Elephant Walk Injera & Curry House does double duty as both an Indian and Ethiopian restaurant. The double-sided menu features cuisine from both countries, which have somewhat similar flavor profiles. If you’ve never eaten Ethiopian food, it’s kind of like Indian — both countries offer stew-style dishes consisting of ingredients like chicken, lentils, cabbage and lamb, but Ethiopian dishes also rely heavily on beef, which you won’t see in Indian cuisine. Both also have their own special breads with which to scoop your food, but instead of naan, Ethiopian food is served with injera, a sourdough flatbread with a spongy texture and slightly tart taste that you will either love or really, really hate. And where Indian dishes rely heavily on curry for flavor, Ethiopian food gets its kick from a spicy berbere blend. The best part of the expansive offerings at Elephant Walk is that they allow for contrasting couples to order from whichever country they prefer. The restaurant also offers a genius daily lunch buffet with both styles of international eats for customers to mix, match and try a bit of both. Slap some saag on a plate with a little doro wat and see which you prefer. Other menu highlights include traditional Ethiopian coffee service, naan wraps and late-night wine and wing specials on Wednesdays (the restaurant is by the University of Cincinnati, after all #collegelife). Elephant Walk Injera & Curry House, 170 W. McMillan St., Clifton,