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Best Brunch-Side Entertainment: Metropole’s Drag Brunch

Best Brunch-Side Entertainment

Brunch serves several functions in our society, foremost being a graceful means to justify a few drinks before noon. Now, there’s the food and fellowship appeal too, but you’re probably getting real sick of your spouse’s friends and hearing about their relationship drama. Luckily, drag queens have stolen the spotlight once again to save us from ourselves at Metropole’s Drag Brunch. Loud music and raucous applause will negate the need for small talk as drag queens dance and lip sync through their routines, so you can soak in all the energy and positivity these catty and fabulous queens exude. A bi-monthly event, registration fills up quickly; $35 will cover your brunch and mimosa, but be sure to bring plenty of singles to tip performers like Amaya Sexton, Jessica Dimon, Lexi Love, Sue Nami, Aaliyah Milian and Nichelle Kartier. Events have pleasantly punny names like “Spring Queening” and “Hallowqueen.” Don’t be surprised if this brunch leaves you hungry for more drag shows (and cocktails); just say yass, Queen City. Metropole, 609 Walnut St., Downtown,