Best Of 2019

Best Build-Your-Own-Vegetable-Juice Bar: Total Juice Plus

Total Juice Plus has been macerating vegetables into drinkable health beverages for downtowners since 1997. The unassuming little bistro isn’t fancy, but go anytime around lunch and the line is almost out the door with office workers looking for a vitamin-infused pick-me-up. The fresh pressed/squeezed/smushed juices come in sizes from 12 to 32 ounces with any combination of carrot, beet, apple, pineapple, orange, watermelon, celery, cucumber, ginger and kale. Build your own juice or choose from one of their pre-selected blends. And any of you on that celery juice bandwagon — yes, we said celery — we know celery is a pain in the butt to juice at home, so let the friendly staff at Total Juice do it for you. They also have wheatgrass growing on the counter for shots. Outside of fresh juices, they also make smoothies from flash-frozen fruit (non-dairy by request) and you can opt to add boosters like bee pollen, ginseng, egg protein and brewers yeast. Basically, it’s a build-your-own health beverage. If you want to chew something, they also offer high-protein wraps and tons of vegetarian choices. It’s like a juice bar from before juice bars were a thing. Total Juice Plus, 631 Vine St., Downtown,