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Best Candy House That Won’t Melt in the Rain: Doscher’s Candy Co.

Best Candy House That Won’t Melt in the Rain

While CityBeat’s official position on candy houses is to be wary, as it’s likely occupied by a witch hoping to lure little boys and girls into her oven, we had to make an exception for Doscher’s Candy Co.’s new digs. Fear not, there are no confirmed cannibalistic witches on the premises, just the nice folks that run Cincinnati’s oldest continuously operating candy company; and the house is not actually made of candy, but it sure smells like it since the scent of vanilla clings to their new base of operations in the Newtown farmhouse. Home of French Chew taffy bars, Doscher’s is also the oldest candy cane producer in the country, and one of only two companies that still makes them in the U.S. They begin churning out peppermint candy canes in the early summer to fill orders for the holiday season, as well as flavors that have year-round appeal like blueberry, green apple and the ever-popular birthday cake. Fans of Necco Candy Buttons can also thank Doscher’s for saving the sugary specks from extinction, as they acquired the candy after Necco went bankrupt last year. Want to see how the candy’s made? Doscher’s Candy factory tours are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, and after the tour you can visit their quaint retail shop. Doscher’s Candy Co., 6926 Main St., Newtown,