Best Of 2019

Best Draft Matcha Latte: Wendigo Tea Co. and Tokyo Kitty

Last July, Wendigo Tea Co. and Tokyo Kitty partnered to create the world’s first nitro vegan matcha latte on draft. (Other nitro vegan matcha lattes might exist, though.) Wendigo founder Sky White, keyboardist for the on-hiatus local Rock group Foxy Shazam, infused the highest-grade of ceremonial matcha with almond and coconut milks and then placed the mixture into a keg. Smooth Nitro Cincy stepped in and nitrogenized the drink using top secret technology. White named the drink Kappa Matcha Latte after a Japanese river-dwelling turtle-like monster. Tokyo Kitty hosted the matcha latte release event, dubbed The Future of Tea, and featured the smooth drink in their cocktails and on its own. The latte was a reminder that Cincinnatians are innovative, and that you can transform something simple like matcha into something more profound. And alcoholic. Wendigo Tea Co.,