Best Of 2019

Best Fusian Fusion Sushi Cuisine: Fusian

Local fast-casual sushi chain Fusian loves to mix up the idea of traditional sushi recipes. It’s in their name, right? This past year, they not only introduced tasty bowls to their menu, but they also engaged in more collaborations than Ariana Grande. Fusian worked with decidedly non-sushi purveyors including local barbecue joint Eli’s BBQ and national seafood chain Luke’s Lobster to serve some unexpected mash-up rolls, like one packed with pulled pork, jalapeño, barbecue sauce and spice-rubbed tempura. Fusian even featured a Thanksgiving “leftovers roll” with turkey, sweet potato and cranberry in November. Maybe not for sushi purists, but definitely for adventurous eaters — and the not-so-much. With approachable ingredients like cooked steak and chicken, Fusian is a great, fresh spot for the sushi newbie who might not want to venture into raw proteins just yet. Fusian, 600 Vine St., Downtown; 3780 Paxton Ave., Hyde Park; 8060 Montgomery Road, Kenwood,