Best Of 2019

Best Geographically-Themed Food Item: La Mexicana

It takes a monumental meal to represent an entire nation, and La Mexicana’s Flag Burrito is just the dish for the job. Topped with green and red salsas, which are divided by a small border of sour cream, the hefty wrap yields a delicious bounty of pinto beans, rice, cheese, onions, cilantro, lettuce and tomato. Though it comes with your choice of meat, the burrito is equally satisfying in its vegetarian state — paired with chips, salsa and a bottle of Jarritos, this is a flag worth saluting. La Mexicana also offers a slew of other excellent eats and authentic protein options, including birria (goat meat in guajillo sauce), sesos (marinated veal brains), tripe, tongue and veggie choices like pumpkin flower and huitlacoche (seasoned corn truffle). La Mexicana Restaurante Cantina & Tienda, 642 Monmouth St., Newport, 859-261-6112, searchable on Facebook.