Best Of 2019

Best Lost-in-Time Diner to Grab Breakfast at Midnight: Anchor Grill

A neon sign greets Covington’s Anchor Grill customers as they enter: “We may doze, but never close.” Open 24/7 and cash-only, time seemingly ceases to exist here. Known for their goetta, chili, classic breakfast staples and whatever-they-have pie, you’ll find a little bit of everything and everyone here — from art students to regulars; from families to people nursing hangovers from the night before. When you drop a quarter in the jukebox, you’ll also get a show: In an upper corner of the main dining room, red curtains pull back to reveal dancing animatronic figurines straight out of a David Lynch fever dream. The entire scene is back-dropped by vinyl booths and black coffee. The Anchor Grill, 438 W. Pike St., Covington, 859-431-9498, searchable on Facebook.