Best Of 2019

Best Nepali Dumplings: Bridges Nepali Cuisine

Dumplings are just the best, so when a restaurant really nails this dish the woes of the world become more bearable. Thanks to Bridges Nepali Cuisine in Northside, the world’s getting better every day they serve momos, their take on a Nepalese dumpling. Fried, sautéed or steamed and filled with a smoky combination of herbs and spices, you can have minced chicken or veggie momos served straight up, or with jhol, a flavorful tomato-based soup that really sets the momo apart from other dumpling options around the city. A single order comes with 10 momos for $10, so don’t treat momos like a side dish unless you’re sharing or are prepared for leftovers. Bridges recently announced they are opening a second location on Court Street in the space formerly occupied by Cuban Pete Sandwiches, so hopefully that’ll improve the attitude of some hungry jurors late for duty; you never know when you’ll be on trial. Bridges Nepali Cuisine, 4165 Hamilton Ave., Northside,