Best Of 2019

Best Place to Convert a Punk into a Deadhead: The Wheel

Owner Chrissy Antenucci named her Italian-inspired takeaway spot The Wheel after the Grateful Dead song, saying she cooks the way the band plays — highly improvisationally. And the results are, in short, delicious; her creamy roasted carrot sandwich will give you heart eyes. Picture the scene from Ratatouille when top-tier cartoon rat Remy holds up two ingredients — a strawberry and a piece of cheese — and combines them. Fireworks burst into the air and as the flavors roll across his taste buds, different notes of music emerge. That’s how The Wheel’s grub will make you feel. Their pizzas and pastas are made from scratch daily and also gush-worthy. As the sign inside this humble establishment reads: Thank you, Jerry. The Wheel, 3805 Brotherton Road, Oakley,