Best Of 2019

Best Place to Dine on Christmas Day: Kung Food Chu’s AmerAsia

On Christmas, finding an open restaurant that’s not Waffle House is scarce in the Cincy/Northern Kentucky area. (Though, dining at Waffle House on Jesus’ birthday is totally acceptable.) But if you seek good food, and maybe food that isn’t honey ham or a pile of cut-out cookies, head to Kung Food Chu’s AmerAsia in Covington. It might seem like you’re trying to live out some sort of A Christmas Story experience (no, they don’t serve “Chinese duck”), but their full menu of crab rangoon, mapo tofu, “fly rice” and “Brocco-Lee” are available. They close on Christmas Eve to give employees the night off but return the next morning and all day to serve those who either don’t want to cook or don’t want to see their families. The restaurant is so crowded that they have to open their upstairs, but you can get the food to-go. Otherwise the alternative might be Aunt Gladys’ inedible fruitcake. Kung Food Chu’s AmerAsia, 521 Madison Ave., Covington,