Best Of 2019

Best Place to Get Your Fortune Read While Drinking Coffee: Rüya Coffee

Last fall, Melissa Aydogan and her mother opened Turkish coffeehouse Rüya Coffee across the street from Findlay Market, inside People’s Liberty’s Globefront Gallery, which gave Aydogan a $15,000 grant to do just that. The duo brewed “strong as death” Turkish coffee from a special Deeper Roots blend in a room filled with ornate rugs and decorative pillows. After downing the delicious, smooth coffee from its small cup and accompanying saucer, sludge-y, undrinkable grounds remained at the bottom. But if you turned the cup upside down on the saucer and placed your finger on the back of the cup for a minute to absorb your energy, either Melissa or her mother would then turn the cup over, read the grounds and tell your fortune for no extra cost. “Tasseography” is the term for Turkish coffee fortune telling and the coffee grounds can give insight into the kind of person you are and if there are any calamites foreseeable in your near future. Rüya exited the Findlay space in November 2018 but can be found popping up around town at various events and spaces. If you need a fix now, you can also buy their Deeper Roots coffee blend and Maverick Chocolate coffee/dark chocolate bars on the Rüya website. Rüya Coffee,