Best Of 2019

Best Salty Chocolate Chip Cookie: Brown Bear Bakery

One is rarely let down by a cookie — whether it is home baked, store bought, too doughy or slightly burnt, a cookie is usually a worthwhile indulgence. Put simply, cookies have a high floor. It’s the cookies that chase the ceiling or, better yet, push the ceiling up a few stories that leave an impact. Enter Brown Bear Bakery’s salty chocolate chip cookie, the new ceiling for the oft-attempted yet rarely impactful sweet-meets-savory baked good. And the excellence is two-fold: a perfect ratio of chocolate, salt and cookie dough paired with the perfect exterior crunch protecting a soft, delectable interior. Both the melty chocolate chunks and rocky salt granules are visible before you take a bite, sending a sight cue to your taste buds to prepare for some layers of heavenly flavor. Brown Bear Bakery, 116 E. 13th St., Over-the-Rhine,