Best Of 2019

Best Secret Pizza Pop-Up: Secret Pizza at Mainwood Pastry

Mysterious Sicilian pizza pop-up party Secret Pizza began last spring at Mainwood Pastry in Findlay Market. Mainwood Pastry already had a reputation for making stellar croissants, cakes and other bready goodness found in some of the city’s best coffee shops, so it’s no surprise that owner Dave Hart (co-owner of Collective Espresso) found success in the ancient art of pizza. Secret Pizza’s special Sicilian-style pie had a thick crust with a crisp exterior and light, airy interior. Their homemade dough, which proofed for 24 hours, was the base for some creative and seasonal toppings, with a weekly rotating menu and vegan-friendly options. Originally held on Monday nights, the pizza party started at 6 p.m. and went until 9 p.m. — or until they ran out of pie, whichever came first. Hart plans to switch the evening to a more desirable one; Findlay Market is mainly shut down Mondays, so there’s not much else going on to attract pizza partiers. When will this elusive pop up resurface? As with most things related to Secret Pizza, that’s also a secret. Follow @secret_pizza_night on Instagram for clues. Secret Pizza at Mainwood Pastry, 113 W. Elder St., Over-the-Rhine,