Best Of 2019

Best Steamy Buns: Boom Box Buns

Two thousand and eighteen shall be known as “The Year of the Walk-Up,” as it seemed like every new business used the concept to sell all types of food. During the summer, 13th Street Alley started selling their Philly-inspired cheesesteak sandwiches to an afternoon and late-night crowd, joining already established Gomez Salsa (always crowded), located a block away. And in December, Babushka Pierogies opened their weekend window on 12th and Main streets as a preliminary run to their upcoming adjacent brick-and-mortar pierogi/vodka bar, Wodka Bar (see left). But before that, Boom Box Buns opened a weekend walk-up window on Main Street this past fall, selling three types of steamed Chinese buns — two meat and a veggie — on Friday and Saturday nights. Helmed by Please’s part-time sous chef Nathan Friday, the handcrafted and perfectly puffy baozi come filled with rotating combos like a pork bun with hoison, peanuts and radish; a beef bun with mayo, shisho and crispy shallot; or a the veggie bun with sweet potato and Sriracha. A flourescent color scheme (inspired by Friday’s dad’s career as a sign painter) beckons lines of fans for nightly sell-out services so keep on eye on Boom Box’s social media for updated bun counts — or take your chances with the masses in the late-night queue. Boom Box Buns, 1324 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,