Best Of 2019

Best Swabian-Style Soft Pretzels: Tuba Baking Co.

Last year, Drew Rath, owner of Tuba Baking Co., single-handedly introduced modern-day Cincinnatians to Swabian-style pretzels. Swabia borders the state of Bavaria in the southeastern corner of Germany. Unlike Bavarian-style, which Cincinnatians are most accustomed to, Swabian-style pretzels have a higher fat content, contain rye and have skinny “arms.” That way, you simultaneously experience a crunch and a chewiness when you eat them. Another difference: Rath cuts a slit in the formed pretzel’s belly before it goes into the oven, whereas Bavarian pretzels split on their own. Currently, he’s the only baker in town making this type of pretzel. In 2019 he’ll open a brick-and-mortar in Covington, where different types of pretzels and dips will be available. But for now, you can find his pretzels and accompaniments at MadTree’s Catch-a-Fire Pizza, Bauer Farm Kitchen, Share: Cheesebar and Urban Stead Cheese. Tuba Baking Co.,