Best Of 2019

Best Tempeh Chicken Patty: Money Chicken

The team behind OTR’s Pleasantry expanded their purview into fast-casual, chef-driven poultry with the launch of Money Chicken, a streamlined fried chicken restaurant offering sandwiches, tenders, wings and salads for less than $10. With heritage-breed chicken sustainably sourced from Joyce Farms in North Carolina (free from antibiotics, hormones, steroids and animal by-products), chef Evan Hartman buttermilk brines his bird before frying it and placing it on a potato bun — topped with pickles, mayo and spicy honey — or in a basket as tenders or wings. But, if you don’t do animal proteins, Money has an excellent alternative. Their vegetarian tempeh sandwich comes outfitted and topped like the real deal, offering the same crunch, heft and flavor as the original. It’s a substantial patty that isn’t pretending to be chicken; it’s just really well-prepared tempeh. The team updated the menu in January after customer feedback and the refreshed offerings feel more in line with the elevated but approachable take you’ll find at Pleasantry. Money Chicken, 300 E. Seventh St., Downtown,