Best Of 2019

Best Tuna on Croissant Sandwich: The Takeaway

In May 2018, part of the Collective Espresso team opened up urban deli and mini grocer The Takeaway across the street from their OTR coffee shop on Woodward and Main Street. The name tells you almost everything you need to know — they sell to-go food — but it’s more than that. The menu contains sandwich staples like a Reuben, BLT and Trail & Swiss (with Troyer’s Genuine Trail bologna), but they also make an excellent “Salad Sandwich.” Choose either tuna, egg or chicken salad on Allez Bakery’s white or rye or a croissant from Mainwood Pastry (also owned by part of the Collective family); we say opt for tuna on a croissant. The Takeaway mixes their housemade mayo with the fish and spreads it on a flaky pastry. Surprisingly, the croissant stays buttery and firm to the last bite; no soggy bottom here. Besides the excellent tuna salad sandwich, they also offer to-go pasta and potato salad, soups, green salads and goods like Hen of the Wood chips, produce and local beers. In the summer, take a dip at neighboring Zeigler Park Pool and get lunch or dinner to go. The Takeaway, 1324 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,