Best Of 2019

Best Unconventional Beer Cheese: Urban Stead Cheese

Last year, Urban Stead Cheese opened in the revitalizing Evanston neighborhood. They make cheeses like quark (a chunky German-style cheese), gouda and cheddar curds on the premises. In fact, they’re the only cheesery in Cincinnati that does this. Co-owner Andrea Siefring-Robbins worked at restaurant Hall’s on the River, a Kentucky beer cheese staple located in Winchester, Kentucky, the birthplace of cold beer cheese. So it made sense for her to introduce her version of a beer cheese spread. Instead of using cheddar, she integrates quark, local beer and spices, and serves it with Tuba Baking Co.’s Swabian-style pretzels. Urban’s flaxen-colored beer cheese is creamier and thicker than typical beer cheese, but it’s just as good. Their housemade pimento cheese and the beer cheese are available in to-go containers, as are the quark and curds. Urban Stead Cheese, 3036 Woodburn Ave., Evanston,