Best Of 2019

Best Holiday-Themed Bar Makeovers: Yuletide Nightmare and Miracle

Before Jacob Trevino moved to Cincinnati, we were bereft of whimsical pop-culture bars. But since 2015, he and his Gorilla Cinema Presents company have innovated the bar industry by opening The Shining-themed The Overlook Lodge, the Quentin Tarantino-themed The Video Archive and downtown’s Lost in Translation-esque karaoke bar Tokyo Kitty. For Halloween this year, The Video Archive transformed into Yuletide Nightmare, a The Nightmare Before Christmas pop-up, replete with cocktails named after the film’s characters — like Oogie Boogie and Dr. Finkelstein — and scenes from the film shown on a loop. They even made a cocktail with a divisive candy corn syrup, as well as one served in a “skull.” (It wasn’t a real skull.) In November and December, Overlook became Miracle, a holiday-themed pop-up, serving cocktails inspired by classic Christmas films, like Bad Santa and Die Hard, with ingredients including pumpkin pie spice, gingerbread syrup and warm milk. The Video Archive, 965 E. McMillan St., Walnut Hills,; The Overlook Lodge, 6083 Montgomery Road, Pleasant Ridge,