Best Of 2019

Geoff Tate’s sometimes-subdued delivery cloaks a flamethrower wit, which has earned him opening slots for Doug Stanhope; appearances at South By Southwest and Bonnaroo; regular spots on Doug Benson’s Doug Loves Movies, Getting Doug with High and High Court podcasts; and his own Cheers-themed podcast, MSHD PODCASTO, which morphed into a more broadly-themed “podcast network” and his Altered Tates pod with his brother. As a youngster, his family traveled from city to city with alarming frequency, but they eventually rooted themselves in Cincinnati and we, as a city, are grateful to have such a funny neighbor in town. Tate has been ecstatically praised by outlets like The Huffington Post and The Laugh Button, but his greatest reviews have come from his comedy peers, including Todd Glass, Ryan Singer and author/actor/humorist John Hodgman. On his fourth album, People Are What People Make ‘Em, Tate takes intentionally inflammatory aims at onions (“When did we decide onions are OK in everything and it’s my fault for not liking them?”), the contemporary lack of respect for jugglers (“Have you ever thrown one chainsaw? If I threw a chainsaw to you and you caught it, everyone would be like, ‘That was fucking cool’ ”) and religion in the business community (“I think it’s a way to get people to take your sub-par fucking service just because you have the same favorite book”). People Are further showcases his ability as a storyteller and humorist, solidifying his status as one of Cincinnati’s funniest dudes. Geoff Tate,

Music & Nightlife

2. The Blind Lemon

3. The Overlook Lodge

2. Sundry and Vice

3. MOTR Pub

2. Dutch’s

3. Oakley Pub and Grill

2. Fox & Hound

3. Back Porch Saloon

2. Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar

3. Bobby Mackey’s

2. The Crow’s Nest

3. Knotty Pine Rock Club & Tiki Bar

2. MOTR Pub

3. The Southgate House Revival

2. The Southgate House Revival

3. Madison Theater

2. Sundry and Vice

3. Queen City Exchange