Best Of 2019

Best Local Music Interview Series: Donuts N’ Akahol

Donuts N’ Akahol is the wildly entertaining YouTube interview series hosted by Graval Baehr and Branden Tatum that features insightful chats with various Cincinnati musical acts. It’s also often quite funny. As the title suggests, the hosts gather with musicians (largely from the city’s rich Hip Hop scene) to chop it up over some adult beverages and, well, donuts, creating a casual atmosphere that allows the guests to go deep and/or let their guards down and just be themselves. So far, Donuts N’ Akahol has chatted with local Hip Hop artists like Patterns of Chaos, D-Eight, Triiibe and Lantana (with guest host Matt Scheer from DBLCIN magazine), Soul/R&B singers like Lauren Eylise and Leo Pastel and Indie Pop acts like Moonbeau and Knotts. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the Cincinnati music scene’s most vibrant artists, hit that subscribe button ASAP. Donuts N’ Akahol,;; @donutsnakahol.