Best Of 2019

As one of Cincinnati’s most famous residents, Jerry Springer might not have seemed accessible to locals during the heyday of his daytime talk show, when he was an American pop culture icon. But these days, the former Cincinnati mayor is in town often, showing a few different sides of his interests during the regular live recordings of The Jerry Springer Podcast (subtitled Tales, Tunes & Tomfoolery) at the Folk School Coffee Parlor in Ludlow, Kentucky. Open to the public (though reservations fill up quickly), Springer and his co-hosts Jene Galvin and Megan Hils talk politics and more every episode, often with a humorous slant, while also hosting performances by numerous musicians, including many from Greater Cincinnati’s Folk/Americana scene, like Maria Carrelli, Dawg Yawp, Daniel Van Vechten and Ben Knight. You can listen to many of the sessions live online as they’re being recorded (visit to find out how); all are available through iTunes and other podcasting platforms. Folk School Coffee Parlor, 332 Elm St., Ludlow,

Music & Nightlife

2. The Blind Lemon

3. The Overlook Lodge

2. Sundry and Vice

3. MOTR Pub

2. Dutch’s

3. Oakley Pub and Grill

2. Fox & Hound

3. Back Porch Saloon

2. Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar

3. Bobby Mackey’s

2. The Crow’s Nest

3. Knotty Pine Rock Club & Tiki Bar

2. MOTR Pub

3. The Southgate House Revival

2. The Southgate House Revival

3. Madison Theater

2. Sundry and Vice

3. Queen City Exchange