Best Of 2019

Best Second Place Slushie: Second Place

Imagine those big, constantly churning slushie machines at the grocery store. Now imagine a free-flowing slushie machine filled with bourbon that you don’t have to ask your mom to buy for you. Second Place is your place for a reasonably priced, strong frozen cocktail that tastes good with anything. Especially after your first slushie. Or your second. This drink brings warm, spicy notes of cinnamon forward while allowing you to reminisce about those chilly Cherry cola slushies from your childhood. Kick back, watch whatever game is on TV (especially if you happen to like English Premier League football; they open early for EPL games), order a bacon cheeseburger and be pleasantly surprised at how well Second Place can make a kids’ treat into an adult drink. Second Place, 3936 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,