Best Of 2019

Best Sunday Night Happy Hour: Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Covington

Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Covington offers your standard Monday through Friday evening happy hour (some wines and beers are a couple bucks cheaper). However, late last year they also introduced a “reverse happy hour” every Sunday at 8 p.m. and running until midnight. Spirits like Wheatley Vodka, Second Sight Spirits Rum (distilled in Ludlow, Kentucky), Buffalo Trace and Jameson are only $5 per glass. Their draft beers — mainly local ones — are also only $5, as are a couple of their select draft wines and their Old Fashioned. The $5 price tag is a good way to try different spirits and beers, but it’s also a good way to wind down (or up?) the weekend before the starkness of Monday morning hits. Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Covington, 638 Madison Ave., Covington,