Best Of 2019

Best Use Of Breast Milk Bags: Northside Yacht Club

Northside Yacht Club has always been a step above the rest, whether deciding to “dress up” as Applebee’s for Halloween (nevermind that cease-and-desist letter), throwing an Airborne movie anniversary party (people wore Rollerblades), hosting a weekly ramen night or creating a surprisingly tasty peanut butter and tequila shooter. Last year, NSYC made their own adult version of a Capri Sun, giving the strong booze-infused drink the punny name: Capri Sun of Anarchy. Like the now off-the-air show Sons of Anarchy, the 16-ounce cocktail — made with lavender lemonade and vodka — offered a punch to the gut. In order to recreate the Capri pouch experience, NSYC turned to bags normally used to store breast milk — yes, breast milk — and filled them with the cocktail. Northside Yacht Club, 4231 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,