Best Of 2019

Best Way to Spend Whiskey Wednesday: Murphy’s Pub

The Wednesday night crowd at Murphy’s Pub is drastically different from the crowd you’ll find at this Clifton stalwart on a weekend night. And although it can be fun to spend a Saturday doing Jägerbombs at this Irish-leaning institution, not everyone enjoys being packed shoulder-to-shoulder with college students doing late-night trivia. Wednesdays at Murphy’s offer open pool tables, darts, arcade-style basketball and a great jukebox along with $2 Jamesons and $1 bottles of beer. That’s $3 for a shot and beer back, all day and all night. Grab a basket of free popcorn, enjoy the backroom or the patio with your friends and pretend it’s a Friday. Murphy’s Pub, 2329 W. Clifton Ave., Clifton,