Best Of 2019

Best Fast Bikini Wax: Heavenly Bodies

Ripping hair out of your body by the root via hot wax is never going to be a comfortable or fun procedure, but the team at Heavenly Bodies makes it as painless as possible. Owner Alesia Buttrey has decades of waxing experience and it shows: Waxes here are fast — like in and out in 15 minutes — complete and compassionate; she and her staff are very aware of sensitive areas and will explain any parts of a wax service you’re worried about. For example, if you’ve never had a full Brazilian and want to try one, Alesia will walk you through the entire process. Or you can watch an educational video on the website. They offer full body waxing, from face to toe, and even options catered to men (chest, back, shoulders, etc.). It’s their 28th year at their cozy East Hyde Park location — more like a house than a strip mall wax place — and online booking services make it easier than ever to be as hair free as you want to be. Heavenly Bodies, 3608 Marburg Ave., Hyde Park,