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Best Liquor Store to Buy Little Bottles of Bourbon Before a Flight Out of CVG: The Party Source

It’s important to save money, especially if you can catch a buzz at an altitude of 40,000 feet in the process. As an unprepared consumer, you are at the mercy of the less than benevolent airlines when it comes to onboard refreshments, which means massive inflation. Alcohol is not always a healthy coping mechanism in times of stress, but, say, if you’re on a transcontinental flight, a little nip or two of smuggled bourbon might put you in the right state of mind. If you’re traveling smart, you’ll have stopped at The Party Source on your way to CVG to pick up your favorite liquor, which can be had for a fraction of the price your name-brand airline is charging. The Party Source has an incredible array of 50ml bottles (the same size offered on flights) of any spirits you desire. Larceny can be had for only $2.19, Wild Turkey 101 proof for $3 and, if you really want to save, Jim Beam at $1.39, which would cost $9 on a flight. It’s an airplane, your pilot is the DD. The Party Source, 95 Riviera Drive, Bellevue,