Best Of 2019

Best Liquor Store to Buy little Bottles of Bourbon While at CVG: Cork N’ Bottle

If you fail to stock up on booze before you fly, Cork N’ Bottle has set up a nice little 200-square-foot kiosk inside Terminal A at CVG offering various sizes of alcohol bottles to taste and buy. This satellite store sells between 200 and 300 different spirits, 85 percent of which are bourbon and whiskey, with a smattering of vodka for good measure. Serving as a start of sorts for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the bourbon-barrel-lined outpost offers fliers a chance to sip both new and antique bourbon brands — everything from Maker’s Mark to Blanton’s, Weller and Elmer T. Lee — at their tasting station before buying something to bring home or slip inside their carry-on. They even have some old dusties for sale, like a $12,000 bottle of Old Hermitage from 1889 or a $1,500 bottle of Seagram’s “83” from 1929. It’s a quick sip of Kentucky hospitality for visitors and a taste of home before takeoff for locals. CVG, 3087 Terminal Drive, Hebron,