Best Of 2019

Best Pay-What-You-Want Art Supplies: Indigo Hippo

When starting an art project, one never knows what kinds of random materials they’ll need to complete their vision — or how pricey it may become. Indigo Hippo’s staff know this better than anyone, which is why no place caters to Cincinnati’s offbeat artists quite like them. Founded in 2016 by University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning graduate Alisha Budkie, this community-driven art supply store’s inventory consists solely of materials donated by fellow artists and lets the customer decide how much to pay. Ideally, this grants anyone pursuing an artistic passion the means of production to fulfill it, regardless of budget. The store’s charmingly haphazard layout is ever-changing and feels like you’re wandering through a prolific starving artist’s studio apartment; you may find some scraps of wood next to a box of crayons, next to a crate of Snowville Creamery pins, and a random polaroid camera to boot. Indigo Hippo also supports the local art community by participating in Final Friday events with drinks, snacks and artist showcases. Indigo Hippo, 1334 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,