Best Of 2019

Best Peppermint Panties: Jumper

Local performance apparel company Jumper jumped on the super-soft undies bandwagon last year by launching a line of cozy modal underwear for men and women… with a twist: Their comfy undergarments were made with bonus Peppermint Tech, featuring fabric infused with all-natural peppermint fiber. According to the Jumper website, “Everybody knows the peppermint leaf is cool and fresh, but this abundant and organic fiber adds strength and natural anti-odor properties to textiles as well.” Boxer briefs and bikinis that stay cool, fresh and “action ready?” Sign us up. Jumper spent 18 months designing, sourcing and custom milling the anti-microbial undies and pre-orders went live on Kickstarter in July 2018. The company, founded by former Army Ranger and paratrooper Daniel Redlinger and outdoor apparel designer Andrew Mallett, specializes in functional and fashionable outer apparel. And now functional and fashionable under apparel. Jumper Threads,