Best Of 2019

Best Place to Buy Hip Glasses: Warby Parker

Picking out the perfect pair of hip glasses is no easy feat. Balancing the need to be in vogue without being shallow and distinct while remaining tasteful is a tough task for even the fiercest of fashionistas. But fear not, online glasses retailer Warby Parker’s sleek brick and mortar location in OTR — only the third in Ohio — makes finding the proper spectacles easier than ever before. Their tight upscale layout has been designed to feel like a library and features an original mural by illustrator Maira Kalman in addition to rows of oak shelves displaying a wide variety of frames starting at $95. The try-before-you-buy business model lets you try on every last set of glasses in their store to find the right pair. Somewhat ironically located in the former local Frameri eyeglasses start-up storefront, Warby Parker has already made sure this location will keep Cincy’s four-eyed masses chic and stylish. Warby Parker, 1419 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine,