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Yes, medical marijuana has finally been legalized in Cincinnati, but that doesn’t mean everyone who could benefit from it has access to the plant, due to the stricter list of conditions required for a “green card” in Ohio compared to other medical states. The psychotropic (aka gets you stoned) compound THC is still heavily regulated in the state because of political and financial reasons, but there’s another component found naturally in the plant called CBD, which doesn’t mess with your head and provides anti-inflammatory relief, and even increased energy in some folks. CBD has existed in a limbo hovering between full-blown legalization and the gray market where you might need to know the shopkeep to buy. Growers can isolate and eliminate the growth of THC in plants and instead encourage the production of CBD, which means cannabis can be smoked mostly legally without a medical license. It’s not super easy to find around the city, but Planet Caravan has done a good job keeping pre-rolled CBD joints on their shelves because, even though CBD can be dosed through tinctures and even enhanced seltzer water, sometimes you just want to spark a J. Just don’t expect the police to believe you’re smoking something legal — always play it safe, smart and discreet. Planet Caravan, 2826 Jefferson Ave., Corryville; 243 W. McMillan St., Clifton,

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2. TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion

3. Tiny Needle Community Acupuncture

2. Wooden Nickel Antiques

3. Wild Things Antiques

Lynne & Lucille artist Kelli Fisher has been “making almost nothings into pretty somethings” since 2013. A transplant from Columbus, Ohio, Fisher specializes in jewelry crafted from the retired gear of local musicians. “I’ve always been a huge fan of music but have never been able to grasp the concept of actually playing it,” she says, “so making jewelry from recycled (and) unusable music materials and instruments is the way I have found to make my own version of music.” Check out her Etsy shop for necklaces and earrings made from shaped guitar strings and polished cymbal segments. She also utilizes hand-tooled leather and, occasionally, remains of the natural world: dig her popular rattlesnake vertebrae hoop earrings and African porcupine quill bar necklace. Lynne & Lucille,

2. Cincinnati Art Museum

3. Silk Road Textiles

2. Michaels

3. Indigo Hippo

The fact that Continuum has held its own on Vine Street in OTR since 2015 is a prime example of the fact that Cincinnati is home to many humans who are interested in innovative, experimental and individual fashion. Shop owner Ericka Leighton is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning with a passion for embracing creativity and creating a space for others to explore their own, whether they’re makers or shoppers. Recently name-checked in Vogue, the shop’s entire vibe — from the neon pink logo to hanging plants and Vaporwave meets Art Nouveau eclecticism — meets the modern woman at the intersection of aspirational and attainable in style, silhouette and price point. Brands range from Paloma Wool and No 6 to Black Crane and Cold Picnic and run the gamut from boxy tops and 1980s jeans to cult mother apparel. Continuum also carries textiles, candles, jewelry, fragrances and artful publications to round out its lifestyle offerings. Continuum, 1407 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine,

2. Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati

3. Kings Toyota

2. Courtesy Automotive

3. Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati

2. Donovan’s Auto & Tire Center

3. AAA | Bob Sumerel Tire & Service