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Best Place to Buy Pre-Rolled CBD Joints: Planet Caravan

Yes, medical marijuana has finally been legalized in Cincinnati, but that doesn’t mean everyone who could benefit from it has access to the plant, due to the stricter list of conditions required for a “green card” in Ohio compared to other medical states. The psychotropic (aka gets you stoned) compound THC is still heavily regulated in the state because of political and financial reasons, but there’s another component found naturally in the plant called CBD, which doesn’t mess with your head and provides anti-inflammatory relief, and even increased energy in some folks. CBD has existed in a limbo hovering between full-blown legalization and the gray market where you might need to know the shopkeep to buy. Growers can isolate and eliminate the growth of THC in plants and instead encourage the production of CBD, which means cannabis can be smoked mostly legally without a medical license. It’s not super easy to find around the city, but Planet Caravan has done a good job keeping pre-rolled CBD joints on their shelves because, even though CBD can be dosed through tinctures and even enhanced seltzer water, sometimes you just want to spark a J. Just don’t expect the police to believe you’re smoking something legal — always play it safe, smart and discreet. Planet Caravan, 2826 Jefferson Ave., Corryville; 243 W. McMillan St., Clifton,