Best Of 2019

Best Place to Get Lucky: Lucky Cat Museum

Established in 2012, the Lucky Cat Museum in Walnut Hills’ Essex Studios houses over 2,000 cat figurines, collected at the direction of meow-stro Micha Robertson. Sometimes known as maneki-nekos, the beckoning cats are fabled to attract good luck and fortune. And, lucky us, Cincinnati’s Lucky Cat Museum is one of only a handful of such museums in the world. In Robertson’s collection are interactive maneki-nekos that play music, Hello Kitty maneki-nekos, plush maneki-nekos, porcelain maneki-nekos, clocks, lamps, a giant inflatable maneki-neko, socks, ornaments and even a maneki-neko slot machine. And like any good museum, you can exit through the gift shop, which features tons of lucky cat items. Walk away with branded merchandise like enamel pins, stickers, a “Get Lucky” T-shirt or even hand-sewn cat toys. The meow-seum is open Wednesday through Saturday afternoons and later during Essex ArtWalks. Lucky Cat Museum, 2511 Essex Place, #150, Walnut Hills,