Best Of 2019

Best Place to Get Your Freak On: Hail Dark Aesthetics

You can’t usually buy a pickled octopus in a jar in the same transaction as a stack of used vinyl, but that’s what Hail Dark Aesthetics is here for. A second outpost of the Nashville-based oddities shop, the Covington storefront allows shoppers to flip through rows of Rock and Country records and shop everything from new agey supplies like palmistry guides, crystals and winter solstice kits to David Bowie coloring books and the Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults on VHS. Hail is no stranger to taxidermy either: All sorts of creepy little critters (or parts of them) are sold here, including ducklings, bats and tons of bugs and bones. Whether you’re dying for a new ouija board or just want to pick up a Punk album or two, this dark little corner of MainStrasse is about as niche as it gets. Hail Dark Aesthetics, 720 Main St., Covington,